Why did I take up Yoga?

I decided to take up yoga as I thought it would help me manage the stresses of being a Secondary School teacher.

I started my yoga journey with an online 30-day challenge and then joined Instagram, where I joined lots of yoga challenges and documented my progress!

After a while, I became drawn towards the more philosophical aspects of Yoga and I developed a real passion for my practice and the community that Yoga can create. I decided to train to teach in 2017 so I could share my passion and with others and develop a Yoga community myself.

What should you expect from my classes?

My Yoga flow classes are all about listening to your body and moving in a way that feels good to you. I invite students to move without rigidity, with an element of curiosity and exploration as we get to know our bodies and move with our breath.
My flow classes can be strong with some element of challenge, but also accessible and fun, with an emphasis on exploring the balance of strength and softness within poses.
My teaching style is mostly dynamic; combining Yoga poses together to create flowing sequences.
Classes are based on a theme or focus, that changes each week.

I also enjoy teaching classes geared towards athletes, such as runners, gym bunnies, heavy lifters etc. These classes are more focused on improving mobility and strength in a particular body part, such as the thoracic spine or hamstrings. They are taken at a slower pace and we explore how recovery and mobility work can really support and benefit your training or sport.

I’m also qualified to teach Pregnancy Yoga and I teach Yoga in schools across the county, in partnership with Karma Kids Yoga Therapy.

Want to find out more about my teaching style? Check out my free classes on YouTube